The Green Data Park

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"The data centers of the world need to understand that energy efficiency will not be the hallmark of a green data center by 2014. The source and generation efficiency of energy consumed by data centers will be the key criteria for benchmarking future green data centers. GCI is leading the way forward in establishing this new standard." Matthew Rajendra, Regional Director GCI Asia

GCI is proud to announce the world's first Green Data Park conceived by GCI Asia's Matthew Rajendra who designed this innovative Park. The first green data park is set to go live in Q2 of 2014 in Asia.


The ICT industry is currently responsible for consuming 3 per cent of the world’s energy. This consumption is increasing by a rate of 20 per cent a year, making 2030 the year when the ICT industry will be responsible for doubling the world’s energy consumption. At the same time, the amount of CO2 emissions which currently stand at 21 billion Metric tons annually will double as well.

Choose a year, any year between 2015 to 2020 and imagine yourself in the future of Asia. Energy costs will be extremely high, energy security will be below the safe levels, the environment will be adversely impacted, new green data centre standards will be enforced and carbon taxes will be in place.

The world has now moved beyond the conventional view that economic growth objectives are incompatible with environmental objectives. Left unaddressed, climate change represents a serious threat to economic wellbeing. Central to such principles is the appropriate pricing of carbon and ensuring that climate change mitigation policies across the board are both effective and economically efficient.

Data centres are enormous energy consumers. In fact, data centers frequently fall in the top 10 energy consumers of a country, making data centers the top 10 polluters worldwide as well. On top of that, according to a recent report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. data centers are the fastest growing consumers of energy. By 2015, data centres in Asia and other continents will be facing five major challenges:

1. Exponential increases in electricity tariffs
2. New green data centre standards enforced
3. Imposition of carbon taxes, primarily on non carbon-neutral energy
4. The lack of energy security with higher probability of power outages
5. Increased pressure from society to become environmentally friendly

The world’s first sustainable green data parks conceived and championed by the Green Computing Initiative addresses these issues with an innovative use of four main components called the Green Data Mix.

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