Tropicalised Certification

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GCI Asia which has it's regional base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has pioneered the world's first tropicalised green computing certifications designed for the tropics. Previously, GCI certifications were based solely on American and European climate conditions. GCI Asia responded to the increasing calls from the region for GCI certifications to better represent the unique climatic conditions in the region.

GCI's Tropicalised Certifications are applied to the following tropical climate zones:

Tropical rainforest climate: All twelve months have average precipitation of at least 60 mm (2.4 in). These climates usually occur within 5–10° latitude of the equator. In some eastern-coast areas, they may extend to as much as 25° away from the equator. This climate is dominated by the Doldrums Low Pressure System all year round, and therefore has no natural seasons. Example:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tropical monsoon climate: This type of climate, most common in South and Central America, results from the monsoon winds which change direction according to the seasons. This climate has a driest month (which nearly always occurs at or soon after the "winter" solstice for that side of the equator) with rainfall less than 60 mm, but more than (100 − [total annual precipitation {mm}/25]). Example:Cairns, Australia

Tropical wet and dry or savanna climate: These climates have a pronounced dry season, with the driest month having precipitation less than 60 mm and also less than (100 − [total annual precipitation {mm}/25]). Example:Mumbai, India

All GCI Certifications for human competency as well as facilities certification has been tropicalised as well in some instances, localised. (For example, the human competency certifications are offered in the Malay and Mandarin languages)

GCI Tropicalised Certifications are overseen by a separate Accreditation Board made up of Information Technology leaders in government.

Learn about members of the Accreditation Board here.

Learn about the Tropicalised Certified Green Computing Facility Certification here.

Learn about the Tropicalised Human Competency Certifications here.

Primary Contacts:

Mark Lim, Regional Program Director (Asia & Middle East) -

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