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Fluid Submersion Cooling

You've just got home from a jog; which do you think will cool you off more effectively and efficiently, jumping into the pool or walking into an air-conditioned room? The answer is the pool. Water is a better heat conductor than air. Think fluid submersion cooling.

Eco2 is shorthand for economical and eco-friendly. The Eco2 System is an end-to-end fluid submersion cooling solution for data centre ICT equipment such as rack based or blade servers, routers, firewalls and switches. It is a full end-to-end cooling system that utilises a non-conductive dielectric liquid coolant derived from an organic, renewable, sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable source which is re-engineered palm oil.

Compared to a standard air-conditioned rack system, Eco2 systems are capable of reducing cooling energy consumption of a typical data centre by 90-95%, and reducing total data centre energy consumption by half.

The Eco2 coolant was invented by Matthew Rajendra of GCI Asia after he decided to create a more sustainable and safe alternative to the current fluid submersion coolant which is white mineral oil. After months of research and development, the Eco2 coolant was conceived and has proven to be 1350 times more effective than air cooling and a more superior alternative to mineral oil which is 1200 times more effective than air.

The Value Proposition

The value experienced by Eco2 customers is all-encompassing by nature. Customers experience a positive outcome from the onset by enjoying reduced capital expenditure and simplified infrastructure efforts. After deployment, customers enjoy substantial reduction in operating costs in the form of lower electricity bills. Customers also enjoy a lower cost of ownership as costs related to the upkeep and repairs of conventional cooling systems are eliminated. Customers also enjoy the publicity benefits of sustainable efforts. Finally in the medium term, customers enjoy a fast payback period.

Why The Industry Is Excited

Substantial Cost Savings:

- For greenfield installations, the CAPEX savings are up to 60%.
- For retrofits or greenfield installations, the OPEX on electricity costs are reduced by up to 90%.
- For greenfield installations, the TCO is reduced by up to 35%.

Attractive Return on Investment:

- Average payback period of between 1 to 3 years.

Ease of Implementation:

- No complicated engineering required for space, just cement rendered flooring and comfort cooling for staff.
- All new and existing OEM servers, routers, firewalls and switches are compatible with Eco2 after minor modifications.

Green Efforts

- Reduce carbon footprint by up to 90%.
- Embark on CSR efforts to obtaining positive publicity and to increase customer, investor and stakeholder buy-in for sustainability efforts.
- Prepare for eventual regulations including carbon taxes and regulatory reporting requirements.
- Earn carbon credits.

Product Offerings

6U, 14U, 28U and 42U capacity rack systems are available. Smaller deployments utilise radiator cooling whilst enterprise deployments use evaporative cooling towers. Complete systems are available for lease or for outright purchase.

Email for more information on how you can procure an Eco2 System or to be a Sole Distributor in your country.

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