Zero Capex and Zero Risk Turnkey Green ICT For You

After pioneering Green ICT training, certification and consultancy back in 2007, GCI has evolved and is now a global Energy Services Company (ESCO) that delivers Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) programs that guarantee savings from energy efficiency measures for the ICT industry. This means we take on all the risks while you reap the rewards. This stems from our commitment to walk the walk and talk the talk on the quality Green ICT education and certification we have been recognized for thus far.

We provide all of the services to design and implement a comprehensive project at the customer’s facility from initial energy audit, design strategy, implementation to long term Monitoring and Verification (M&V) of the project savings. You and GCI share the savings from the energy efficiency measures. GCI provides all the necessary financing, hence you need not worry about capex and opex. You will own all equipment after the contract expires.

Why EPC Is Our Preferred Mechanism For Going Green?

For the public sector, there are savings mandates from the Federal government. Unfortunately, these mandates are usually not accompanied by any provision of capital budget to pay for energy efficiency improvements. EPC allow these entities to gain access to facility modernization for no capital outlay on their part. EPC also enables requirements for reducing carbon footprints and CSR objectives to be met.

How Are Savings & Risks Managed?

The dollar value of the measured savings is divided between the host facility and GCI. If there is no cost savings, the facility owner pays the energy bill and owes GCI nothing for that period. The percentage distribution of savings are agreed upon in advance and documented in the performance contract.

The risk profile of EPCs are one sided. GCI bears all risks for project financing and interest rates. GCI bears all risks for project implementation and performance. At end of contract, ownership transfers to facility owner. You are accountable for energy audit and design phase costs if order acceptance for the EPC is not obtained.

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GCI Offcial Self Study Options Available

GCI's only official self-study solution to complement our instructor-led courses. Our self-study formats delivers a robust educational experience that is flexible and accessible for working professionals who need to work while completing their GCI certifications.